Tuesday, 16 December 2014

HxVPN Super Shield Premium VPN
An Anonymous And Affordable VPN Solution
Your browsing is safe with HxVPN. We provide a no logging, plausibly deniable virtual private network service. The virtual private server hosting the OpenVpn service lives in an encrypted RAM (random access memory) container.
We provide unlimited traffic, dedicated 5mbps with 10mbps burst to each account. IP addresses change every reconnect to non dedicated IP customers.

What Is New?
up to 500000 U.S Random Ip Address
up to 100000 UK Random Ip Address
up to 50000 Random Country Ip Address
Full Secure , You Can Access Any Site Without Trace And Block
Open Port  80,53,52,9200,8080,9201[UDP]
With 15 High Speed Premium Server

VPN BY MAIL With Customer ID
Its Paid Service So Don't Mail For It
Want To Buy It So Contact With FACEBOOK

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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Voice Calling
Text Messaging
USSD Option
Contact (Phone) Book
Support All Huawei Modems

Mobile Partner design By Allrhack

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Friday, 12 December 2014

Best Solutions
Without Any Error
Full Setup Without Registration
For Windows 7 And 8 And XP
No Need Any Key And Crack
Fully Registered
No Fake Key Pop-up
With Chrome And Firefox IDM Integration Module
For 64x And 32x
Only Install And Enjoy
No-1 Solution

For Windows 7 And 8 And XP
1st Full Uninstall Old IDM And Restart Pc Then Use It And Forget Key Crack And Reg

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Monday, 8 December 2014

Working All Over India
Working With 0 Bal In Panjab And Some States
And For Other States Need Little 3G Plan
Connect HxVPN
Server 1
Server 3
Server 7
Install With Administrator
Always Run HxVPN.exe With Administrator

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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Make TCP VPN Trick For Airtel


Most Part Of Networks TCP VPN Trick
1- Host 
2- VPN
3- Https Proxy
Host Is A Free Websites Of Network
Like- In Airtel Free Open airtellive.com
Now Our Host Is airtellive.com 
2- VPN[Virtual Private Network]
VPN Work For Security 
And VPN To Access Blocked Websites
VPN Type
1-UDP [ Fast VPN Servers]
1-TCP [Normal VPN Servers]
VPN Port
UDP- 9201, 9200,53
TCP- 443, 137, 80
VPN Config
Config Most Part Of VPN
Config File Type [.ovpn]
We Can Edit config With Notpad
3- Https Proxy
Https Proxy Part Of TCP VPN
How It Work
Host Not Work With VPN
But Host Work With Https Proxy
So We Use Https Proxy With Host With VPN
Then VPN Work Free With Network

How To Make Trick 
Now We Make Free Config For Airtel
Now Our Host airtellive.com 
Https Proxy - Port- 3128
Now We Need VPN Config So We Use VPNBOOK Config
VPNBOOK Config After Edit Notepad

dev tun1
proto tcp
remote 443
resolv-retry infinite
auth-user-pass vpnbook.txt   
verb 3
cipher AES-128-CBC
route-delay 2
http-proxy 3128                                        [it's Https Proxy]
http-proxy-option EXT1 'Host:airtellive.com'                       [Host Line]
http-proxy-option EXT2 'X-Online-Host:airtellive.com'         [Host Line]

After Edit Host And Https Proxy Save It With .ovpn File Type

And Copy It And Paste RamVPN - data/config
You Can Use All VPN Config With RamVPN

RamVPN Setup 2014

Easy And Work Fast
Working With Problem Less
NO Drivers Problem With Win 7 ,8 ,8.1 And XP And Other
Working NMD And OpenVPN Both Config
Manual Driver Option
You Can Use Every VPN Config With RamVPN

Always Run RamVPN As Administrator

RamVPN config Location
C:\Program Files (x86)\RamVPN\config

Now Our Tricks Based On Host
Q-How To Find Host ?
Ans-Networks Operator Give Time To Time Many Offers.

Like-Facebook Free 1 Month
So Our Host Facebook.com

Like-Twitter Free 3 Month
So Our Host twitter.com/m.twitter.com

1- Our Tricks Base On Host
2- TCP VPN With 443
3- 443 Is Always Open Port With All Network
After All Steps Our Trick
It's Work All Over INDIA
But Most Work In Rajasthan With 3G Speed At 0 Balance 
And Without Any 3G Plan
APN -airtelgprs.com
Balance - Zero

Please Don't Use After 150mb Per Day
Time You Can Use 150mb 
6am To 12am
Don't Use 12am To 6am
In This Case RamVPN Not Work For U
So Please Change Password From www.vpnbook.com
For More Help See How To Work Folder

For Android And Java

Airtel Facebook Offer 500MB Per Month
Any Way To You Can Use 500MB In A Month
After 500MB Sim Block
APN -airtelgprs
Homepage- m.facebook.com

For Android
Use Any Opera Handler And Uc Handler

Proxy Type- Real Host
Peoxy Server- m.facebook.com 
Only 500 MB Per/Month

For Java User
Use Any Opera Handler And Uc Handler
Proxy Type- Real Host
Peoxy Server- m.facebook.com
Only 500 MB Per/Month

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