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HxVPN Super Shield Premium VPN v2
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For Survey And Adsense
Your browsing is safe with HxVPN. We provide a no logging, plausibly deniable virtual private network service.
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What Is New?
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Saturday, 7 March 2015

We Back With A Best Earning Trick
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Sunday, 8 February 2015

What Is Problem ?
After Connect VPN And Proxy We Are Happy For No One Can Trace And Block Us
But Its Not True
WebRTC And Some Other Way To Easy Trace US Our IP Address
-- Here Is Problem --
After Connect VPN See Here Your Total IP Detail  ---- [after connect vpn you can see your original ip address with full detail]    ---- [after connect vpn you can see your original ip address with full detail]

And All Know 97% Peoples Are Own Clicker And Take Own Survey
And Me Too Own Clicker
Now Adsense And Othre PPD and CPA Sites Take Help These Sites To Trace Fraud User And Make Script With These Sites

Some Solution Available On Internet But Not Proper
But Now We Have Complete Solution


Now We Fix All Trace Problems

After All Process Please Do Not Update It
And Change Update File Name From

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Friday, 6 February 2015

1. Dial *129# and Select 1st Option
(1 GB 2g Data for 1 day)
2. Again Dial this *565*010# USSD and your
2G data will get converted to 3G.
[This code will charge you Rs 10
and your total amount deducted from your
balance is Rs 19(9 for 2G data pack and 10 to
convert it to 3G)]

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Friday, 23 January 2015

[Image: 3pDXM.png][Image: Ppjewnm.png]

  • Introduction
  • What is PPD?
  • What is CPA?
  • Finding and choosing a niche
  • Promoting your niche
  • Convicement
  • Ranking
  • What network should I choose?
  • Tutorials
  • Help Desk
  • Credits

  • [Image: zNgmOBX.png]
      Welcome to my Ultimate CPA and PPD tutorial thread. In this thread we will be covering a lot of subjects regarding CPA (Cost-Per-Action) and PPD (Pay-Per-Download). This thread will hopefully be an informative resource to you, and motivate you to get started making money using this kind of scheme. If you have any questions regarding anything listed in here, or need additional help, then head over to my Help Desk in the CPA / PPD section.
    [Image: 3Xv63uB.png]

      Pay-Per-Download is an online advertising pricing model where the advertiser pays the PPD network for advertising their offer, then the PPD publishers from the network, upload their files and when people download them, the publisher will make money, along with the PPD network administrators, while the advertiser will get the offer completion in return.

      PPD acts like a middleman to CPA as they usually gets their offers from there, and the PPD administrators do also cut a bit of the money every time a file is downloaded.

      Unlike CPA which has a gateaway for completion, PPD networks tend to use a download page only. However, it's more and more available to the PPD network users to use different lockers as a custom feature.
      Cost-Per-Action is an online advertising pricing model where the advertiser pays for a specified action, e.g. a form submission, completing a survey, joining their e-mail newsletter, buying a product, signing up for a website and so on.
      Then the publisher, will upload his files (just like Pay-Per-Download) and the advertisers offers will be included into your download link, where the user that is downloading your file, will have to complete one of these actions.
      Once an user completes an action through your link, you will be receiving the money that the advertiser paid for that specified country into your publisher account. And this is basically how CPA works.
    [Image: sOW7x17.png]
      There's several ways to find a niche that you might want to use.
      You don't have to choose a specific catagory, basically every time there is a problem, a niche would be the key.

      Try and think up for some ideas, that you've had some problems with, or you've seen people have problems with.
      Once you've brainstormed on this, you should have a few niches that you want to go and research in-depth (I will be covering that in the next section).

      A type of niches that seems to be mostly-preferred today is the "gaming" niches, as it's something most people can relate to.

      Useful links for finding niches

      [Image: 6B2FBhh.png]
      Once you have a few niches in your mind that you want to use, it's time to start researching in-depth which one that is most likely to perform well for you.

      We will be using the Google Keyword Tool to research further into this.

      First off you'd like to enter your niche idea, into the "words or expressions" textarea like this:

      Once you've clicked search, the tool will automatically calculate the global monthly searches, and local monthly searches, like this.

      These will be very useful statistics for you, as it will be way harder to perform well on a niche, with a higher amount rather than a low amount, due to competition.

      Then what you want to research is, looking around on different video sites like these:

      And also be Googling your keyword to look out for how many people who seem to be using your selected niche.
      As said, the less competition -> better conversion for you.

      If you're just starting out
      I really recommend you taking a niche with around 3,000 - 10,000 global monthly searches, it won't profit well in the start as your new obviously, but once you
      get to learn, the basics of it and get into the rhythm of working with niches, websites and SEO it will be easier for you, to take it further and choose niche keywords
      that have more competition.

      Once you've found a niche that you've researched, that seems like one that would work out. Proceed with it, and keep trying out different ones, to see what performs well for you.
    [Image: D3b92nP.png]
      Promoting your niche, can be hard if you don't know where to start, or if you're new with CPA and/or PPD.
      In this section I will be covering how you can promote your niche, and get's tons of exposure to it with ease. This is personally the methods I use myself.

      YouTube is possibly the best way of your promoting your niche, and I will give you a few reasons why
      • 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute
      • Millions of subscriptions happen each day, and the number of people subscribing has more than doubled since last year
      • Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube—that's almost an hour for every person on Earth, and 50% more than in 2012

      YouTube has grown rapidly the 6 years they've been around for. And these facts proove it.

      What you will be doing is that you will be creating or getting 10 YouTube Accounts. 5 of the accounts should be used for uploading, and the other 5 for advertising in comments.
      Then you will be using the niche that you decided earlier, and create a small video where you talk about your niche and show it.

      You then research some keywords using Google Keyword Tool and get some additional keyword suggestions from YouTube Keyword Tool

      What you will be doing is uploading the same video 5 times, however each time you should be using a different title, different description and different keywords. This way you will get maximum exposure for 5 different keywords, instead of adding them as additional tags, that have less impact.

      Now you will be using 1 YouTube account, to go around on videos on YouTube and comment on related videos, saying that they could be cured for e.g acne, by going to this video and watching instructions -> your link.

      You can then use your other accounts to go and upvote your comments, for even more exposure as your comments won't get drowned in other peoples comments. This will also make you look more trustworthy.

      Comments and upvotes, will skyrocket your clicks and leads if your video is trustworthy, it can only go one way UP
      Facebook is another brilliant way to promote your niches through. And there's extremely good reason why
      • 1 in a 7 people on the Earth do have a Facebook account
      • The daily active member count is 665 million users.
      • Total numbers of Facebook Pages is 50 million.
      Out from these stats you should be able to see there's close to endless possibilities from what you can achieve promoting your niche through Facebook.

      There are several ways to do it, one could be building up your own page using the paid advertising ability, to grow a real targeted fanpage, and here after promote your niche.
      Another one could be promoting on pages related to your niche, and actually make it trustworthy and in-depth to get better conversion rates.
      You can share your niche with all your friends.

      With Facebook you can reach people, cause the smart thing is that it's easier than ever for things to go viral. Once 1 person like it -> it will spread to all his friends that he liked it -> and then if his friends like it too -> then his friends too. By 2 people liking, you could have the ability to reach over 1,000 people! That's crazy! So if you're not using Facebook for promotion purposes yet, you're definately missing out from something.
      Twitter is another amazing site to use for your CPA and PPD purposes, and it has the amazingly smart feature called hashtags. Hashtags are basically small tags, that are started with a "#" symbol.
      What this does is that, when you search for something, all the tweets that has the keyword your searching for with the text before, will be shown. You can use this to find problems, that people have
      and reply to them that you have the 'key' for their problem through your niche.

      Many people don't know this, and it's definately being missed out on.

      Another amazing feature that Twitter do contain is the "re-tweet" function. It works kind of like Facebook. Cause once 1 re-tweets it, it will be posted to their profile, and then the profile's followers will see it, and if they find it interesting they will re-tweet it further, and this way it is also easy to go viral with a trustworthy niche through Twitter.
    [Image: iOYXQOo.png]
      When you're dealing with CPA and PPD, making people convinced completing the short offer or action, is the hardest part. Therefore you really need to convince them, so they will think about it this way: "I'll be getting a working solution to my problem, once I am finished with this. I believe the contents of the video and/or site."

      There are loads of ways, to do this. And this might even make you able to think up some convincing methods yourself.

      Posting proper proof
      • It's important to post proper proof, that you're actually going to give them the solution once they've completed the short offer or action. For example if you're dealing with fake files, and that you're niche is e.g. "Free Counter-Strike: Source" then you could invest into buying a Steam Key for Counter-Strike: Source, and show you reedeming that key, and make it look like the key was generated from your fake download. This way you'll be reedem-ing legitemately, and people will be more convinced which means more profit for you overall. And if you're working with a legitimate niche, it should be no problem at all, as it's legit.

      Speak, speak and speak!
        I can't say this too many times. Don't ever use Notepad to show your niches with. It'll make users less convinced and less likely to download your niche solution. Speaking over your videos, will make users more convinced as they're getting a "personal experience" with you, this is guaranteed to make people more convinced of your desired niche.

      Quality over Quantity
      • When you're working with CPA and PPD. It's important to keep the quality standard high, and the quantity lower. Cause the higher quality your videos are, and the more well-made they are, users will be more convinced. So make sure to never hurry a niche, do it in-depth and work hard on it. Be professional in the niches you do, and it will be returned in your favor.

      • If you're running your niche on a website, create a design of quality, that looks modern, sleek and professional. This will make users who are possible downloaders of yours, more convinced as they will get a more "professional experience" together with your niche. Which will make the user more likely to go and download your niche.

      Work hard!
      • It's not hard to see if I niche has been created in 10 minutes or if there actually have been put some serious work into it. The harder you work on your niche, making it more convincing the more likely are you to reach your goals with CPA and PPD.
    [Image: 0AYYzPl.png]
      I will be covering how you can rank your niche, both on Search Engines and on YouTube, and how to optimize your videos the most.

      Back in days, it was hard to rank on YouTube, but since more and more pieces of software that are helping you with your ranking job, is released each and every day, it has become easier than ever.

      When YouTube do deem your video rank, they do take following into consideration:
      • Amount of YouTube Views
      • Amount of YouTube Comments
      • Amount of YouTube Favorites
      • Amount of YouTube Likes
      • Amount of YouTube Dislikes
      • Social Signals

      Together with these, they also look for the percent in average of your likes, comments, favorites for videos close to the same amount of views. So the more realistic likes, comments and favorites that you do have with the selected amount of views, the better YouTube will rank you on your desired keywords.

      But how do you get these views, likes, favorites, comments, subscribers and how do I increase my social signals?
      It's never been easier, due to all the exchange sites that are out on the internet today, there are free and paid services, and I will be showing you both.

      Free Services
      • YTMonster
        • Delivers YouTube Views
        • Delivers YouTube Custom Comments
        • Delivers YouTube Subscribers
        • Delivers YouTube Likes
        • High Retention Views with Social Media Referrers
        • Automated Viewing
      • u2bviews
        • Delivers YouTube Services quickly
        • All kinds of YouTube Services
        • Ability to add custom comments
        • Automated Viewing
      • EnhanceViews
        • Delivers YouTube Likes, Subscribers, Favorites
        • Slow YouTube Views
        • All kinds of YouTube Services
        • Delivers Social Media Services (FB and Reddit)
        • Ability to add custom comments
        • Automated Viewing
      • ShareYouTubeVideos
        • Delivers YouTube Services
        • Quick Delivery
        • Automated Viewing
      • AddMeFast
        • Delivers Social Media Services -> increases Social Signals
        • Delivery Speed Selection (based on your CPC)
        • Manual Interaction (unless you use iMacros scripts or bots)
      • YouLikeHits
        • Delivers Social Media Services -> increases Social Signals
        • Delivery Speed Selection (based on your CPC)
        • Manual Interaction (unless you use iMacros scripts or bots)
      • View2be
        • Delivers YouTube Services
        • Automated Viewing
      • YTMax
        • Delivers YouTube Views
        • Very slow delivery
        • Automated Viewing
      • WebSyndic
        • Delivers Traffic Hits, usable with YouTube Videos.
        • Slow Delivery
        • Not 100% of the views are delivered
        • Automated Viewing
      • HitLeap
        • Delivers Traffic Hits, usable with YouTube Videos.
        • Quick Delivery
        • Not 100% of the views are delivered
        • Retention length based on user-input.
        • Automated Viewing
      • LinkCollider
        • Delivers SEO services
        • Delivers Social Media Services -> increases Social Signals
        • Quick Delivery
      • SubXcess
        • Delivers YouTube Services
        • Manual Interaction (unless you use iMacros scripts or bots).
      • ViewTubeTrain
        • Delivers YouTube Views
        • Automated Viewing
      • EmpireViews
        • Delivers Traffic Hits, usable with YouTube Videos
        • Automated Viewing
      Paid Services
      • ViewTube
        • Extrmely Cheap YouTube Services
        • High Retention
        • Extremely Quick Delivery
        • Gives extremely good results
      • YTView
        • Delivers YouTube Services at cheap prices
        • Quick Delivery
        • Gives good results
      • SEOClerks
          SEO Clerks is an amazing website to find pretty much any service in regards to SEO'ing your website, video or whatever it may be.

    Search Engine Ranking
      It's hard nowadays to rank on Search Engines as the Search Engine algorithms is constantly being updated, to prevent Blackhat SEO as much as possible, that will harm the Search Engines.
      In this section I will be covering things that will help you get better placement on the Search Engines.

      Things that will help you rank on your keywords
      • Social Bookmarks
      • High PR Backlinks
      • Backlinks
      • Quality Articles and SEO Content
      • Properly Programmed Website (HTML, CSS validation)
      • Using a Top-Level-Domain (TLD) e.g. .com, .net, .org
      • Aging of the domain you're ranking your keywords on.
      • A Sitemap that links to navigation pages, used to browse around your site.
      • Pinging your site, to get indexed quicker
      • Image Attributes with your keywords and description
      • Proper meta tags and website title
      • Good keyword density

      For getting such services I highly recommend using Fiverr Services as they provide everything, that you will need.
      Just make sure, that you order from reputated gigs, so you don't end up getting fooled.
    [Image: kY5jTbm.png]
      When you're starting out with CPA and/or PPD, it's important to choose a good network, to maximize your profits. Users tend to go with networks, that require no applications, as that is easy and quick, though I really recommend that you go into a more professional network that requires an application from the start, as it'll be harder to switch later on, having to learn a new system from the bottom. In this section I will be covering a few networks for both CPA and PPD, with their pros and cons, from my personal experience -- and what users of their network think of them. Read on and get to choose the perfect network for you.

    [Image: MfO7gGO.png]
      [Image: OmOdPaT.png]
      • Good admins
      • An awesome forum community
      • Well designed download page
      • Ability to add widgets and customize them like on CPA networks.
      • Quick Support
      • Monthly payouts through: Check, PayPal, Wire and Direct Deposit

      • Lower conversions than a CPA network
      • High payout ($50 USD)

      Is application requred? Yes

      [Image: logo.png]
      • Monthly payouts and awesome site layout
      • Well designed download page

      • Little money earned per download
      • High minimum payout ($50.00 USD)

      Is application requred? No
      [Image: logo.png]

      • An awesome forum community
      • Quick Support
      • Awesome layout
      • Ability to add widgets and customize them like on CPA networks.
      • Ability to payout at normal speed or quick speed (20% fee).

      • Little money earned per download
      • Lower conversions than a CPA network

      Is application requred? No

      [Image: logohead9.png]
      • Cool site layout
      • Good admins and support
      • An awesome forum community
      • You can optimize the offers like on CPA networks
      • Weekly payouts through: Check, Payza, Payoneer, Wire and Direct Deposit

      • Little money earned per download.
      • Lower conversions than a CPA network
      • High minimum payout ($50.00 USD)
      • Bad converting download page design

      Is application requred? Yes
    [Image: GBtjHtZ.png]

      [Image: KUkXkf0.png]
      • Extremely good support, and nice staff
      • Great conversion rate
      • Awesome Publisher Tools
      • Pays out to a wide range of payments processors

      • None

      Is application requred? Yes

      [Image: CQ9L6nY.png]
      • Payments always on time.
      • Custom built platform
      • Flexible payment schedule
      • Huge variety of offers
      • Great support team
      • Experienced network
      • None

      Is application requred? Yes

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    Thursday, 8 January 2015

    RamVPN UDP 9201 9200 Is A Premium VPN
    An Anonymous And Affordable VPN Solution
    Your browsing is safe with RamVPN. We provide a no logging, plausibly deniable virtual private network service. The virtual private server hosting the OpenVpn service lives in an encrypted RAM (random access memory) container.
    We provide unlimited traffic, dedicated 5mbps with 10mbps burst to each account. IP addresses change every reconnect to non dedicated IP customers.

    What Is New?
    US And UK Servers
    Full Secure , You Can Access Any Site Without Trace And Block
    Open Port  9200,9201[UDP]
    With 11 High Speed Premium Server

    Password -

    Posted on Thursday, January 08, 2015 by Ram Choudhary